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Why Should You Live In Serviced Apartments While Touring?

Did you know that most tourists worldwide have started to opt for serviced apartments instead of staying in a hotel? It is because most travelers get the utmost quality stay, top-notch services, essential things, security, and privacy in luxury residential serviced apartments compared to hotels.

If you are planning a weekend getaway from your busy routine, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with reliable Serviced Apartments in Kampala. This blog is right for you if you are a frequent traveler and love staying in hotels. We’re here to change your mind.

Below we’ve compiled a list of a few key reasons why staying at a luxury flat apartment is a better option than living in a four or 5-star hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

Top Reasons to Live In Serviced Apartments

For a leisure or business trip, many people still consider staying at a new residential apartment rather than a serviced apartment. However, after reading this article, you will likely consider leasing an apartment for your trip.

Around The Clock Concierge

Almost all of the serviced apartments provide 24/7 concierge services. It means that it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to book a vacation or make a reservation.

You will be able to get personalized assistance immediately. Also, remember that every concierge is well aware of the public transportation and localities around the place.

Utmost Comfort 

It doesn’t matter where you are traveling; when you opt for serviced apartments, you can rest assured that they are highly equipped with all the essentials that will make you feel comfortable.

That’s right; these apartments have DVDs, Wi-Fi, landlines, kitchen tools, and much more.

Freedom and Privacy 

You will get peace of mind when you book a serviced apartment because you have a place to relax and enjoy your stay, and there will be no interruption.

In addition, the apartments are safe and secure and offer complete privacy.

Personal Space 

When you reserve a hotel room or a suite, you only have a specific room. What if you want to attend to your visitor when they eat, sleep, and watch TV in the same space?

It is where serviced apartments come in handy; they provide up to 30% more room than hotels. You may, without a doubt, bring your family with you here.


One of the best things about serviced apartments is that you will live in a space you have complete access to. What else? Since you will be here alone, you will have fewer chances of catching germs from people living next to you.

In addition, the apartments are carefully disinfected after they’ve been vacated.

Central Location

You would likely want to spend your time traveling when you are on vacation. Most of the best-serviced apartments in Kampala have local markets within walking distance. You only have to walk short distances to the nearest grocery store or public spots.

Serviced Apartments Personified Experience 

You may choose how you want to spend your time when you stay in a serviced apartment, and it’s also quite affordable! For example, bring items home or grocery shopping at the nearby store.

Compared to a hotel, where you might have to pay more for the meals they offer, a serviced apartment allows you to prepare for yourself and save money.

Housekeeping Services 

Unlike hotels, in a serviced apartment, you will not have to worry about housekeepers always coming into your room. You can also request a housekeeping service. The management will clean and change the towels and do everything you’ve asked them to do.

The serviced apartment management will take care of everything without any hassle.

Luxury Amenities In Serviced Apartments

There are many luxury amenities you will not be able to access if you plan to stay in a hotel. Such as an outdoor swimming pool, gaming arena, Movie Theater, and more inside the apartment or the property. These are just some of the Luxury Residential Apartments amenities unavailable in any hotel else the 17 Apartment Hotel. Read more about luxury apartments.

More Flexibility 

Did you know that most serviced apartments are more spacious and offer more flexibility than hotel suites and king-sized bedrooms? It means that you will be able to continue with your routine without any interruptions.

Cost-Savvy Serviced Apartments

Booking a serviced apartment is not only the best option but also a cost-savvy option. That’s right; an apartment will be your best bet since you will get amenities and other household essentials at your disposal without additional cost.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the most critical yet common reasons opt for a serviced apartment rather than staying in a hotel. Consider an apartment if you plan a weekend getaway with your spouse or family or organize a business trip.

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